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Bcool Related Projects

The Bcool projects is carried out within the broader context of the MagIcS initiative.

Within MagIcS other projects address cool star's magnetism and are therefore connected to Bcool:

  • BinaMIcS: Binarity and Magnetic Interactions in various classes of Stars
  • MaPP: Magnetic Protostars and Planets
  • MaTYSSE: Magnetic Topologies of Young Stars & the Survival of close-in massive Exoplanets
  • SPIRou Legacy Survey: the legacy survey to be conducted with the next-generation nIR spectopolarimeter SPIRou at CFHT, starting from 2018
  • TOUPIES: TOwards Understanding the sPIn Evolution of Stars

All the data collected with the spectropolarimeters CFHT/ESPaDOnS and TBL/NARVAL – including Bcool data – are distributed in a science-ready form along with LSD mean profiles on PolarBase.

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