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Bcool Observations


The Bcool project is mainly driven by high-resolution spectropolarimetric observations aimed at measuring Zeeman-induced polarization in spectral lines.

Our favourite instruments

Bcool spectropolarimetric observations are collected with three high-resolution échelle spectropolarimeters : ESPaDOnS at the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (Hawaii, USA), NARVAL at the Télescope Bernard Lyot (Pic du Midi, France) and to a lesser extent HARPSpol at ESO 3.6m Telescope (La Silla, Chile).

Télescope Bernard Lyot. Credit: Pascal Petit.

Allocated programs

  • TBL LPs “BCool large program : Dynamo processes and magnetic cycles in solar-type stars”
    • LP17-18: 87 nights
    • LP15-16: 65 nights
    • LP13-14: 83 nights
  • TBL PI programs “Key program: Dynamo processes and magnetic cycles in solar-type stars” and studies focused on specific targets
    • more than 100 nights awarded since semester 2008A.
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